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RubyConf 2013 at pune..retrieved from drafts

A great experience while interacting with the ruby community from different places. Lots of knowledge and inspiration flows. Met many folks from india and abroad.

Jim Weirich was amazing with the demos and talk.

Met Aaron Patterson.
pic with my ex employees of previous company with @tenderlove. Glad this pic found a place in his ppt.
Aaron is the guy who started Friday hugs and one of the best geek in this community.
The list of speakers was great especialy the keynote speakers.

RubyConfIndia   2014 will happen in goa. You can follow it for any further updates.
Some of the video links to talks:
Aaron Patterson at RubyConf India 2013
Jim Weirich at RubyConf India 2013
Details regarding the event and speakers
Keep a watch over this place for some amazing videos. Confreaks guys have been doing an amazing job. Confreaks youtube channel                                                                       


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