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Two step google authentication is great.

Today i has setup two step google authentication for gmail(though i'm very late to use that).

After that when i started my mail client, it said the passwod is incorrect. For a fraction,  i could not realise what could be the issue and then i figured the application registration needs to be done. It's very simple and i have tried to explain it nicely.

Options we can configure:
  • Add a phone no and also can add a backup contact no.
Configuring you applications i.e mail clients as they fail when you enter the password,

Access the url:

Go to this url as you are logged in, it redirects to gmail account settings page.

Click security and and find the option Authorizing applications and sites. Click on Edit, and it asks for password. Once you enter the password it redirects to a screen which displays all the registered services.

Enter the name of the application, like Gmail for lappy.

Once you click on generate password, copy that password and enter that in the mail client password box.
It just needs to be entered once.


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